Art Zone Kandler — center of creativity

Kandlerova Street together with Sergijevaca Street form a ring around Kaštel Hill and connect the ancient Roman and current focal points, Forum and Arena; together with all the ascents and St. Thomas Square, the site of many cultural and entertainment events over the last 30 years, they become the city’s main artery during the tourist season.

In order to define Kandlerova Street and all the ascents along this street as Pula’s Art Zone, the Administrative Department for Culture launched the ‘Art Zone Kandler’ project in 2014 with the aim of turning this area into a center of cultural-artistic creativity.

The Zone also has a ‘City Library and reading room Pula’, and for all those who want to spend their holidays surrounded by artists in this unique setting, there are a number of hostels, shops, restaurants, cafés, plenty of cultural and creative activities…