Verudela Art Park

With the aim of enriching and refining Pula’s tourist offer in the field of contemporary art, the City of Pula, Arena Hospitality Group and the Tourism Office Pula, in cooperation with several partners and eight artists, have designed the recently opened interdisciplinary and interactive art space — Verudela Art Park

The new park area is located at Verudela, between the parking lot and Ambrela beach. URBIS architects from Pula, Leonid Zuban and Dino Krizmanić created the bases for the ambient installations, and thus defined 7 “ISLANDS” which, as sculptural installations underline the idea of mobility and TRAVEL, i.e. CLOUDS as synonyms and symbols of modern tourism. The realization of such a park, spreading over 5,000 square meters presents a new attraction for both Pula and Istria, the perfect location for everyone, ideal for playing, walking or just relaxing; where art lovers can enjoy the variety of sculptures.

The art works of eight artists are displayed at Verudela Art Park: Eros Čakić, academic sculptor; Gualtiero and Simone Mocenni, sculptors; Robert Pauletta, academic painter; Vedran Šilipetar, academic sculptor and painter; Roberta Weissman Nagy, academic sculptor; Bojan Šumonja, academic sculptor and Siniša Majkus, academic sculptor.

Seven sculptures, each at its own position, are connected by fine continuous spatial Cor-Ten steel lines. Oceans and seas, as the symbol of location, as well as park theme, are inscribed on the Cor-Ten steel, designed by Željko Burić, Fabrika d.o.o.

The complete lighting scheme of the park and sculptures was designed by Dean Skira, the famous lighting designer from Pula and his team. The visual identity of the park was designed by studio Rašić + Vrabec.

The park was founded by the City of Pula, Arena Hospitality Group and the Tourism Office Pula; project partners are Zagrebačka banka d.d., Skira d.o.o., Vintijan d.o.o., Kamen Pazin and Urbis d.o.o.