A stroll through the parks of Pula

A tour of the sights of Pula would not be complete without a stroll through its well-preserved and beautifully designed parks. Each and every one of them tells a different story from a certain period of Pula’s history. So, every visitor is eager to unveil some guarded secret or love story and take it along back with him. This is just that little ‘something’ needed to round off the complete sensation. Not all parks were designed at the same time, therefore their style and arrangement are different. Some have a regular pattern, with plants clipped and trimmed in various geometrical forms, others are more ‘casual’, both by their concept and plant species they contain. Most of today’s parks of Pula originate from the Austro-Hungarian period, whereas the period of the Italian rule and more recent times have left only minor traces in the public garden culture of the city. All parks which developed during that period have a characteristic well-planned arrangement of paths, water supply system and a professional selection of plants.